About Us

Delivering solutions that help remove the time consuming tasks of managing IT and also protecting the Data Center from disaster.  Those are the basic principles of which LightSpeed Information Systems was founded.

Our goal is to deliver technology solutions to our customers that will help them get back to using IT resources to grow and run their business.  Being able to see real ROI, and reach objectives instead of technology being a constant moving target.

Our solution set is focused on a few main areas in the data center environment; Messaging, Data Protection, Security and Application Delivery.

Like many companies, the principles of LightSpeed IS have decades of experience in the IT industry.  And like many others, we noticed trends in the marketplace and needs of customers that were not being fulfilled.  So to meet these trends and needs, LightSpeed was created.  But that is where we feel the similarities end.

Most companies in IT industry survive on one basic principle: Sell More.  Why does it seem like every time you bring in new technology that is suppose to solve your problems, that months later you need to do it again?  It's a constant moving target that never seems to stop, with an insatiable appetitive for your budget.  At LightSpeed IS the trend which we believe in is Efficiency.

Although the data center is technically one of the most difficult environments to manage and maintain that was ever created, it is getting more efficient.  More efficient use of server, storage and power resources define cutting edge data centers.  But within that efficient data center also resides new concepts.  Concepts like managed services, software as a service, outsourcing and hosting to name just a few. 

We do not feel that one method is superior to another, but it is a balance of these technologies and methods that will strengthen a business for the long term.  A company should be focusing on their core business, not using valuable resources to be constantly finding and fixing the latest problems that should not even exist.

This is what we do.  We bring efficiency and simplicity back to the data center.


Company Philosophy

Our corporate culture is one of excitement and enthusiasm that what we are doing brings true benefit to organizations.  And because of those benefits others are able to not only enjoy their work more, but also be able to take a day off or a vacation without having to answer the cell phone every hour and access the network in the middle of the night.  Many of us have done this, many still are.  

Our goal is to see people stop worrying about the data center knowing that the informed decisions they have made were the right ones and will reap benefits for years to come.





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