Featured Partners



Compellent is a leading provider of enterprise-class network storage solutions that are highly scalable, feature-rich and designed to be easy to use and cost effective.  Compellent's easy to use, reliable Storage Center SAN helps automatically improve storage use and increase performance in server/storage environments.  The Compellent Storage Center SAN has one multiple award including "Best SAN" for 2008 by InfoWorld.

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ExaGrid offers the fastest and most scalable disk backup system with data deduplication at the best price in the industry.  ExaGrid's cost-effective disk backup system helps IT organizations solve one of the most pressing issues they face today: how to protect and manage an ever-increasing amount of data.

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SEPATON has designed a best-in-class VTL technology that combines the benefits of both physical tape and disk-to-disk technology with its own high performance I/O disk subsystem, unique Dynamic Disk File System (DFS), and innovative ContentAwareTM architecture to deliver the industry's most advanced data protection solution.

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DDN | DataDirect Networks

Traditional storage architectures which are designed and optimized for IOPS-centric database-driven applications fall short in these extreme environments. DDN's purpose-built S2A is a recognized revolutionary storage architecture that provides the data infrastructure backbone for today's most successful content-intensive organizations and their extreme storage environments.

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For more than 30 years Cybernetics has been known as a data storage industry leader for innovative, quality hardware products.  Cybernetcis' line of iSCSI Disk and SAN solutions are very cost affordable with excellent performance.

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Strategic Partners


Lightspeed is constantly evaluating and resea-rching new technologies and services that can enhance our mission to bring peace of mind to the data center.

Many of our partners you may know, but others may not be so familiar with.  But they are all organizations who we work closely with to fulfill our objectives to help our customers manage, maintain and protect the data center.