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For more than 30 years Cybernetics has been known as a data storage industry leader for innovative, quality hardware products.  Cybernetcis' line of iSCSI Disk and SAN solutions are very cost affordable with excellent performance.


Cybernetcis' innovative SANDR Technology is nothing short of a revolution in storage because it provides live disk storage with its own integral protection against every conceivable threat to the information it represents.


Virtualization and the iSCSI SAN are reshaping IT. Virtual machines and virtual storage lower cost and complexity, while catapulting the bar for uninterrupted user access to important production servers and storage. iSCSI SAN delivers the most efficient storage and backup solutions to the small to medium businesses, where Fibre Channel is simply not viable. Cybernetics miSAN and iSAN solutions couple virtualization and iSCSI SAN for unprecedented performance, reliability, availability, and value.


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Strategic Partners


Lightspeed is constantly evaluating and resea-rching new technologies and services that can enhance our mission to bring peace of mind to the data center.

Many of our partners you may know, but others may not be so familiar with.  But they are all organizations who we work closely with to fulfill our objectives to help our customers manage, maintain and protect the data center.