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SEPATON has designed a best-in-class VTL* technology that combines the benefits of both physical tape and disk-to-disk technology with its own high performance I/O disk subsystem, unique Dynamic Disk File System (DFS), and innovative ContentAwareTM architecture to deliver the industry's most advanced data protection solution.


The SEPATON VTL systems integrate seamlessly with all leading backup software.  The unique architecture delivers industry leading backup and restore times while reducing the complexity of storage management through advanced automation.


The result is a simple, modularly scalable, high performance appliance that reduces the cost of storing, protecting and recovering data.  The system is designed to be highly efficient for backing up and restoring both large volumes of data and individual files


* VTL = Virtual Tape Library.  To users and backup applications, a SEPATON VTL looks and functions like a physical tape library-complete with virtual tapes and drives.  But unlike a physical tape library, SEPATON delivers Fibre Channel wire-speed data transfer rates, linear scalability advanced data compression, and a rock solid, 100% satisfaction record or reliability.


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Lightspeed is constantly evaluating and resea-rching new technologies and services that can enhance our mission to bring peace of mind to the data center.

Many of our partners you may know, but others may not be so familiar with.  But they are all organizations who we work closely with to fulfill our objectives to help our customers manage, maintain and protect the data center.