Services Include


Off-Site Backup

Partnered with DS3 DataVaulting, the
DataVaulting service performs world class unattended online backup and restore functionality. The DS3 offering is differentiated from traditional backup and restore software in the marketplace because the DataVaulting backup/restore functionality was built for service provisioning from the ground up and incorporates a variety of tools, functions, and architecture specifically for that purpose. 

The service extends the traditional client/server architecture of most data protection and management products available on the market by adopting an ?agentless? architecture. This makes the DataVaulting service unique because there is no need to install an ?agent? or ?client? on every target machine that needs to be protected. The DataVaulting service fully integrates with existing Windows NT/2000/2003 domains, Trusts and Novell? NDS trees, and otherwise adopts the LAN?s existing security settings. The only exception to this ?agentless? architecture is for MS-Exchange Message Level Restore (MLR), which requires a small agent on the Exchange server due to Microsoft-imposed restrictions.




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