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Fault Tolerant Servers

24/7 business operations and the need for an "always-on" computing infrastructure means that there is no time for downtime in business-critical and mission-critical applications.  customer are no longer just relying on simple server reliability, with downtime of up to 9 hours a year; they are demanding more uptime, challenging server suppliers to provide highly reliable systems at much lower price-points than ever before.

Fault Tolerant servers surpass the concept of high availability to enter the era of the "continuous availability".  Equipped with fully redundant components to deliver up to 99.999% continuous uptime, NEC's Express5800 series of servers delivers the highest performance available with Intel Quad-Core and Dual-Core Xeon processors. Unlike conventional Intel-based server solutions that are not fully redundant, NEC's FT redundant server architecture helps to eliminate single points of failure to isolate failure points immediately. This process saves significant time troubleshooting and helps to preserve memory and processor status


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