Company Philosophy

Our corporate culture is one of excitement and enthusiasm that what we are doing brings true benefit to our customers. We are only successful when what we have done makes a positive impact for the customer and attained it’s objectives – and we are not satisfied until this is done. We want our customers to have a pleasant and positive experience working with us. We know the path to our success is only through our customer’s success.

About Us

LightSpeed IS specializes in Data Storage, Protection, Management and Virtualization Solutions for mid-market and enterprise organizations.

We recognize that a successful technology strategy doesn’t just focus on one specific item, but the infrastructure as a whole. We are committed to utilizing the latest technology solutions and professional services to meet our customers ever changing demands.

We are dedicated in working with our clients to help resolve business issues through the smarter implementation and use of technology. Strengthening organizations by leveraging their technology investments to improve efficiency and maintain a competitive advantage.

Our customers find our years of experience, depth of knowledge and skill sets an invaluable resource for them. You will find our straight forward and honest approach refreshing, and immediately recognize that we are working in the best interest for you and your company. We strive to develop a genuine partner relationship and be a true extension of your staff.


Founded in 2004 by a team of experienced IT solution providers who recognized that the marketplace was driven by the demands of the big technology manufacturer’s and not the needs of the customer.

We felt the industry was upside down with the technology driving the discussion instead of the needs of the business. Everything was about ‘more’; more hardware, more services and more money.

From this we started LightSpeed - we put the customer’s needs first. We have an established track record of being a trusted consultant and partner, working closely with customers before recommending any solutions. We are not beholden to any manufacturer - we work with a number of different vendors to provide best of breed solutions.