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Big Data

What is Big Data? It’s the buzzword, or catch-phrase, used to describe a massive volume of both structured and unstructured data that is so large that it's difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques. In most enterprise scenarios the data is too big or it moves too fast or it exceeds current processing capacity.

An example of big data might be petabytes or exabytes of data consisting of billions to trillions of records of millions of people—all from different sources. (e.g. Web, sales, customer contact center, social media, mobile data and so on). The data is typically loosely structured data that is often incomplete and inaccessible.

When dealing with these larger datasets, organizations face difficulties in being able to create, manipulate, and manage big data. Big data is particularly a problem in business analytics because standard tools and procedures are not designed to search and analyze massive datasets.

Enterprise decision-makers involved in big data find the datasets of interest to include traditional structured databases of inventories, orders, and customer information, as well as unstructured data from the Web, social networking sites, and intelligent devices. This data, when captured, formatted, manipulated, stored, and analyzed can help a company to gain useful insight to increase revenues, get or retain customers, and improve operations.

LightSpeed, is a leader in helping businesses identify and explore the value use cases of Big Data such as, Big Data Exploration, Data Warehouse Modernization, Security Intelligence Extension, Operations Analysis, Data Warehouse Modernization and providing an Enhanced Comprehensive View of your Business.

LightSpeed, brings you the best in Big Data Providers. We will introduce you to all appropriate solution provider options that would work with your company’s long term vision and aid you in the analytics of choosing the best solution combining cots, reliability and performance.

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