Our solution set is one that is focused on the goal of efficiency and simplicity in the data center. These solutions are time tested and have proven themselves over and over again. Should you have any questions or would like more information on any of our solutions, please feel free to contact us.


Cloud is the technology catch-phrase de jour. It span’s everything from the putting my personal files into iCloud or my infrastructure into Azure. Cloud has been hailed as where everything is going one day, to having security breaches where nothing is safe the next. Cloud can be storage, software, services, infrastructure, etc. Just about anything you can do in a data center can be put into the cloud – or in other words can be outsourced to a provider.

At Lightspeed our primary focus in utilizing cloud is how it can be used in your overall data protection strategy. It could be having cloud based storage, replication, backups (servers and endpoints), archiving, etc. Instead of looking at cloud as an all-or-none type of solution, we look at your overall data protection strategy and how cloud can be utilized to help reduce costs, reduce risk, improve efficiency and simplify the environment.

When working with our experienced technologists we will help you evaluate when/where/how cloud may benefit your organization. Maybe you’re already using cloud in some respect – how is it performing? Is it cost effective? What changes or improvements are available that could be utilized?

Whatever the case may be, if when you work with LightSpeed we will work with you to help develop overall strategies to help your organization improve business efficiency, keep costs in check and give you a competitive advantage.

Offering capacity, performance, reliability, and value, our cloud portfolio includes:

  • Backup / Recovery
  • Endpoint Backup + Restore
  • Enterprise File Sync + Share
  • Content Archiving
  • Long-Term Storage Service
  • Cloud Systems and Solutions
  • Hybrid Cloud solutions

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