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Data Management / Discovery

Assuring litigation readiness and information governance is critical for many organizations. But not all information is equally important. Data Management systems manage information based upon policies, ensuring that some data is retained and protected, or in other cases deleted. To reduce risk and ensure compliance, LightSpeed’s data management solution delivers a holistic and automated approach to retaining the right information across the enterprise and deleting it defensibly. This data management practice will help reduce cost, risk and complexity for compliance.

Benefits of data management for search and compliance:

  • IT, Legal and Compliance teams are enabled to centralized control and streamline discovery
  • Retain, store, classify and access information according to its business, compliance or evidentiary value
  • Manage data intelligently, automatically and cost-effectively throughout its lifecycle
  • Simplify administration
  • Leverage scalable and adaptable technology to keep pace with the business
  • Automate reporting for auditors to significantly reduce response times for an internal or external audit

LightSpeed can provide systems that integrate easily and provide administrators with policy-based control of where specific records are stored at different times in the data or information ‘lifecycle’. Moreover, these capabilities make it easy to systematically move content from expensive disk storage to less expensive long-term media, reducing storage costs to a minimum.

In many ways archiving and data management go hand-in-hand. Please review our archiving solutions for further information.

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